5 Biggest Miami Sports Stories Of 2018 with Chris Fischer

December 12, 2018

5R142- Ethan and Chris are joined by Chris Fischer of NBC6 to break down the biggest sports stories of 2018. We hit on the #MiamiMiracle, the Marlins trading away another MVP, Dwyane Wade's return, Inter Miami coming into existence, and much more.

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The Miami Heat Suddenly Look…. Better?

December 11, 2018

5R141- Ethan and Chris are joined by Christian Hernandez of Miami Heat Beat to examine the Heat's West Coast Road Trip. We break down Dwyane Wade's final regular season game against LeBron James' Lakers, Justise Winslow's surge, Hassan Whiteside's absence, and much more.

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Shock At The Rock: Dolphins Beat The Pats Reaction

December 10, 2018

5R140- Ethan and Chris break down an iconic Dolphins moment, Kenyan Drake's 69 yard touchdown to beat the New England Patriots 34-33 at Hard Rock Stadium on Sunday. Where does that rank in all time Dolphins moments? What does it mean for this Dolphins season? What does it mean for Ryan Tannehill? And do they have a chance to make the playoffs? We discuss

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Heat Stories: Tim Hardaway “Always Basketball”

December 5, 2018

5R139- Ethan and Chris are joined by former Miami Heat point guard Tim Hardaway for the latest installment of our Miami Heat series. We run through his entire basketball career, including the Run TMC era in Golden State, his trade to the Heat, his relationship with Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning, the Heat's battles with the Knicks and more. Also, who was his toughest matchup, does he regret the way his Heat career ended, and why isn't he in the Hall of Fame?

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5RSN Sources: Realmuto Turned Down Multiple Contract Extensions. Breakdown with Craig Mish

December 3, 2018

5R138- Ethan and Chris are joined by Craig Mish, host of 5RSN pod Swings and Mishes, to break some news and discuss his reporting related to Miami Marlins catcher JT Realmuto and his turning down of multiple offers to stay with the Miami Marlins. We break down what his future his, where he might be traded, and what it will mean for the Marlins rebuild if he is traded.

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Playoffs?! Do the Dolphins have a Chance?

December 3, 2018

5R137- Ethan and Chris break down a Miami Dolphins win over the Buffalo Bills, albeit an unimpressive won by some of the stats. We dig into how the Dolphins managed to win, and then go through the other contenders for the final playoff spot in the AFC and how Miami stacks up in the race along with Baltimore, Denver, Indianapolis, Tennessee.

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Are The Marlins Doing Their Rebrand Right?

November 29, 2018

5R136- Ethan is sans Chris, but is joined by Andre Fernandez, Marlins beat writer for The Athletic, Leandro, Ricardo, and Alejandro of our Cinco Razones Podcast in the Five Reasons Sports Network, and Alf from Miami Heat Beat and LSO in the Five Reasons Network. The guys run through the Marlins decision to target the Latin community with their rebrand, whether it is a substitute for winning, whether they went too narrow in trying to build their fan base, and how Miami sports teams tap into their communities. Plus, thoughts on how Inter Miami will try and do the same things.

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Could The Heat Tank This Season?

November 27, 2018

5R135- Ethan and Chris break down the Heat's 7-12 start to the season and if it might be headed towards trying to increase their odds in the NBA Lottery by losing more. We discuss the Heat's history of not tanking, what's going wrong for them this season, how bad they'll have to be to get in the best lottery position, and much more.

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Dolphins, Adam Gase Blow 4Q Lead, Lose To Colts

November 26, 2018

5R134- Ethan and Chris react to another Miami Dolphins loss, this time in heartbreaking fashion 27-24 to the Indianapolis Colts. We focus primarily on the Dolphins failure to produce anything on their final two drives, and how much of that responsibility falls on head coach Adam Gase.

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5RSN Spotlight: War on I-4 Episode 10

November 21, 2018

Spotlight: We moved this from our patron feed.

On the War On I-4 Podcast, the week has finally come for the best rivalry game in the state this year. UCF and USF square off, and so does Jeremy Tache with Josh Appel and Tito Benach. Josh is calling the game, so he gives us some analytical insight while Jeremy and Tito, well, don't.


Jay Fiedler and Randy McMichael together on Dolphins

November 21, 2018

5R133- Ethan and Chris were joined by a duo that combined for many a Dolphins touchdown, Jay Fiedler and Randy McMichael, to talk about their time with the Dolphins in the early 2000s. We hit on some of their fondest memories, greatest teammates, and thoughts about the current Miami Dolphins

For more great Dolphins stories like the ones told in this episode, check out The Fish Tank with OJ McDuffie and Seth Levit here in the Five Reasons Sports Network.

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David Griffin on Heat, LeBron, Durant, Cavs, NBA

November 19, 2018

5R132- Ethan is joined by guest cohost Nekias Duncan for a wide-ranging NBA conversation with former Cavs GM David Griffin. The guys talk about how the Heat work their way out of their current situation, how a GM would handle the Draymond Green/Kevin Durant situation, and what it's like to be the general manager of a team with LeBron James on it.

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Heat, Jimmy Butler, Durant/Warriors with David Aldridge

November 15, 2018

5R131- Ethan and Chris are joined by The Athletic's David Aldridge to run through the latest in the NBA. We discuss the Heat failing to acquire Jimmy Butler, the latest issues with the Warriors and Draymond/KD, the Wizards as a potential trade partner with the Heat, and much more.

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UCF is better than UM. How?

November 13, 2018

5R130- Ethan and Chris are joined by Vishnu Parasuraman of Sebastian's Pub and Jeremy Tache of the War on I4 podcast here in the 5 Reasons Sports Network. With Vishnu, we dig into the University of Miami's recent struggles and how they're going to fix it with Mark Richt still in charge. With Jeremy, we dig into how UCF has won 22 in a row, how they're hosting College Gameday, and how unexpectedly they're better than UM.

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Dolphins Lose To Packers: Making Points, Not Scoring Points

November 12, 2018

5R129- Ethan and Chris do our football post-mortem on two more losses from the Miami Dolphins and the Miami Hurricanes, with a heavy focus on the Dolphins. How much is Adam Gase at fault for the Dolphins' recent stretch of 5 losses in 7 games? How much on injuries? Can we reasonably expect more from Brock Osweiler? Where does the season continue to go from here?